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Carpenter Ants Gone Guaranteed!

Carpenter Ants Elimination Treatment

Carpenter Ants elimination is our specialty. Our unique duel process guarantees complete structural removal from your home. Backed by our 12-16 Month Industry-Best GUARANTEE! Carpenter Ant colonies infest the wood within your home, damaging the structural integrity. This can cause other problems. Carpenter ant colonies can survive for up to 15 YEARS unless the Queen is eliminated, and each year the nest will grow. That is what differentiates us from other companies, and we’re not just getting them temporarily out of your face, we are eliminating the problem as a whole by targeting the location of the nest and eliminating the Queen. Even though interior activity is mainly seen between April-July, the nest is still very active until the winter months.

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Two Types of Carpenter Ants nests

Areas of the home susceptible to carpenter ant damage and nesting include; door and window frames, roof underlayments, Wood studs, and sill plates, In their natural environment, they thrive in living or dead trees, tree stumps or rotting logs. Our carpenter ant service includes a detailed inspection report identifying areas to be sealed off, and do it yourself recommendations like removing rotting wood around your home, which serves as an attractant.

Two Nest Types:
Parent colonies – consists of the Queen, her workers, & brood.
Satellite colonies – consist of old larvae, pupae, and some workers. (nests found in the ground, outside wood sources)

Carpenter Ant Control Treatment

If you have only noticed a few Carpenter Ants inside of your home (especially later in the summer such as July-August) and you are not sure if you have an “infestation”.….try out Carpenter Ant Control application. This two-step application first targets the most common areas of activity (kitchen, bathrooms, basement rafters) as well as other specifically targeted spots within your home. Step two, a full exterior treatment to deter future entry as well at detecting if a nest is indeed within the structure. The option to upgrade is available if we indeed find a nest within the home and structurally treat it to eliminate it.

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Properties with Wood Chips or Treated Mulch attract Carpenter Ants

Exterior Carpenter Ant Prevention

If you are seeing activity outside of your home and want to prevent them from getting inside try our Carpenter Ant Exterior treatment. This service provides a detailed treatment to all the areas Carpenter Ants would attempt to enter your home for food, water, or possible nesting. We also apply insecticide granules and/or bait granules around the perimeter of the home to give you an added layer of protection against entry, and lessen the insect population (carpenter ant food) as well as the bait granules for them to take back to their nest. This service also comes with the detailed inspection report for areas to seal and environmental recommendations to make your property less attractive to carpenter ants.

“Don’t have this kind of ant? Click here to see our information on Pavement ants and Odorous House ants”

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