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Black Ants, Carpenter Ants - Protect Your House From These Destructive Insects

Michigan Ant Species

SE Michigan has four main types of ants- Carpenter ants, Pavement ants, Odorous house ants, and Acrobat Ants.

Carpenter Ants Identification

Carpenter Ants, also known as the “big black ants”, establish their colony by nesting inside damaged, damp, or even dry cracked wood. It is because of their wood tunneling activities that they are often mistaken for termites. They are, however, different in appearance to termites. They can be all black or black and red in color. They also have a different body shape and do not “nest” like termites, as they do not eat wood, but instead, tunnel out the wood to build  and expand their nest. Carpenter Ants are one of the largest Ant species found in North America; they range from 1/8th – ¾ inch long. Can be seen with and without wings.

They are known to clean their nest, and you will not find any mud or moist soil, found in termite galleries. The worker carpenter ants work to keep their galleries smooth. Which is why the wood shaving they do can weaken your homes and buildings structure.

carpenter ant attacking
Carpenter Ant Attacking

How to spot Carpenter Ant Infestation

There are three types of carpenter ants… workers, soldiers, and winged ants (swarmers). Whereas the worker ants gather food, winged ants are a sign of a new colony formation. Winged ants emerge when a colony has reached its full potential and is forming new colonies. If you spot winged ants, it means you have well-established colonies around you. Another sign is to find rough wood shavings with dead ants. The final sign can only be heard in a quiet atmosphere, as it is the sound of ants marching on wood. (Rice Krispie sound) **WHEN ACTIVITY is seen inside of your home in the Spring (April-June) there is most likely a nest within the structure. They will tend to be in water areas (kitchen, bathrooms) of the home, even though the nest is most likely somewhere else within the structure.

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Carpenter Ants On A Wall

Carpenter Ant Elimination Treatment

We specialize in Carpenter Ant elimination. Our two-step process guarantees complete structural elimination from your home. By combining the popular “Inside-Out” treatment with our “Search and Destroy” technique for optimal colony elimination, you can rest assure the colony will be eliminated. Carpenter Ant colonies will continue to survive unless the queen is killed, and she can survive for up to 15 years! Our Guarantee if for 12-16 Months so you know they are gone….and stay gone even through the next year. 

Wood studs, window and doorframes, sill plates, and roofs are all vulnerable to carpenter ant nesting and damage. When looking in a natural environment, you will be able to find them in living and dead trees, rotting logs, and stumps. So it will be wise to remove any rotting wood around your home, as it serves as an attractant. Our service also provides a detailed inspection report to let you know of areas to be sealed off, and recommendations you can do yourself around the home to lessen attractiveness and access to your home. 

There are two types of Carpenter Ant nests found:

Carpenter Ant Damage
  1. Parent colonies – consists of the queen, her workers, and brood.
  2. Satellite colonies – consists of old larvae, pupae, and some workers.

Workers automatically create satellite colonies, when there is not sufficient space or the colony lacks water or food supply. There can be a few satellite colonies associated with the same parent colony. They can also be found in the ground (large dirt mound) outside of a house. 

CJB's "Carpenter Ant Control" Program & "Carpenter Ant Exterior" Treatment

If you have only seen a few Carpenter Ants inside of your home and you are not sure if you have an “infestation”….try out Carpenter Ant Control application. This will treat the most common areas of activity (kitchen, bathrooms) as well as other specifically target spots within your home, then a full exterior treatment to deter future entry and see if indeed you have a nest within the structure. We can always upgrade you if we indeed find a nest within the home and structurally treat to eliminate it. 

If you are seeing activity outside of your home and want to prevent them from getting inside try our Carpenter Ant Exterior treatment. This service provides a detailed treatment to all the areas Carpenter Ants would attempt to enter your home for food, water, or possible  nesting. We also apply  insecticide granules around the perimeter of the home to give you an added layer of protection and lessen the insect population (carpenter ant food) as well as bait granules for them to take back to the nest. 

CJB Pest & Mosquito Control provides the BEST in Carpenter ant elimination and prevention. Guaranteed!  All while providing quality knowledge on how to best prevent future problems or entry. 

Pavement Ants

Pavement Ants (Little Brown Ants) nest primarily under homes that are either partially or entirely on a slab. They LOVE to find food crumbs inside of your home and will often be seen in mass numbers. Colonies can also set up shop in crawl spaces and along exterior foundations of a home. They are also seen pushing up dirt on cement structures such as sidewalks, driveways, and patios. Activity with these ants is year-round and is not uncommon to see most activity during colder months when they forage more to the inside of the home.

Our treatment will quickly end the activity inside of your home and treatment to the exterior will help prevent new colonies from entering. This service comes with a 6-Month Guarantee and detailed inspection and recommendations. 

alt="Pavement Ants, The workers are more of a nuisance pest."
Pavement Ants, The workers are more of a nuisance pest.

Acrobat Ants

When indoors and outdoors, the Acrobat Ant can be found nesting in moist wood or cavities around the home where there is moisture. They tunnel to create their nest or gallery. As they tunnel, debris or sawdust can be found at the entrance (similar to a Carpenter Ant) a clear indication of a possible infestation. These small ants can often be confused with pavement ants because of their small size, but when agitated they will raise their back end (shaped like a spade) and become aggressive. 

Our clients say

Carpenter Ants “Black Ants” Clarkston MI – 5/5 Stars;  “Matt arrived on time as promised. He was very informative regarding my carpenter ants. Great work ethic, made sure that he hit every area I had concerns over.” Brenda M. Clarkston

Carpenter Ant Control Plymouth, MI – 5/5 Stars; “Prompt response from CJB. Appointment was scheduled for couple days out. The carpenter ant control service was well performed with plenty carpenter ant bait placed in pet safe area’s and the follow-up phone call was very informative. Would definitely use again.” Maggie L. Plymouth, Michigan

Big Black House Ants Northville, MI – 5/5 Stars; “They stand by their guarantee. We had them out for big black ants in the house. About a month or two later, we started to have large black ants and other bugs in the house again, so they came back at no charge and sprayed the inside of the house.” Debra B. Northville

Carpenter Ants Canton, MI – 5/5 Stars; “Technician arrived on time, identified my black ants as carpenter ants, quoted a price, and performed the carpenter ant removal work. He seemed to know what he was doing, and the ants have been gone now for more than the warranty period.” Megan L. Canton, Michigan

Black Big Ants In House, MI – 5/5 Stars; “Steve came to our home three times to address big black ants in house and was very punctual, friendly, and considerate. We are very happy with the black ant control and would use CJB Pest again.” Andrew W. Farmington Hills

Exterminator for Ants, Bloomfield Hills, MI - 5/5 Stars. "Cjb is a pretty good company overall. We set up a time for them to come and they kept the appointment. Their exterminator prices for ants is very reasonable. We didn't have any problems with carpenter ants after they came."
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Robbie J.
Bloomfield Hills, Mi.
Carpenter Ant Extermination, Birmingham, MI - 5/5 Stars. “I was noticing more and more of the big black ants in our kitchen and called CJB for carpenter ant control. I liked that they gave me a flat rate over the phone so I knew what I was getting into for ant pest control. They scheduled our service in a day and they solved everything in the time they said it would take to kill the queen. now the problem is solved. Great bug removal service!”
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May T.
Birmingham, Mi.
Carpenter Ants Novi, MI – 5/5 Stars; "Tech has been on time, very polite, knowledgeable and answered all of our carpenter ant damage concerns nicely. So far carpenter ant bait has worked fantastically, very professional and we are very happy."
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Tom N.
Novi, Mi.
Ant Control Service, West Bloomfield, MI – 5/5 Stars. “We initially called because we wanted to get rid of ants INSIDE of the house and spiders. After 1st visit the ants were completely gone. I called once in between for a yellow jacket problem and spiders. He came out and found a massive yellow jacket removal outside our house and dusted it.... within a few days that problem was GONE!”
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Dale S.
West Bloomfield, Mi.
Ant Infestation, Commerce Township, MI - 5/5 Stars.“We had a spider problem everyone was waking up with bites. I called CJB and they came out the same day to help us out with a treatment for spiders and ants, both inside and out. The insect pest control has worked great, no more bites, and we don’t even seen any other insects. Even lessened the mosquitoes around the house!”
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Janet H.
Commerce Towship, Mi.

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