Identifying Stinging Insects

Yellow Jackets  are a ½ inch tall in size, with a bright yellow body, and marking on them. They fly very fast and are the ones you see starting in Mid to Late Summer. They are not naturally aggressive unless they feel threatened or are being agitated. 

They look like similar to a “Paper Wasp” but lack the long legs and wasp nesting habits. They are fast fliers and nest in “Void” areas so they can build their paper ball nest inside of a secure space.  Possible nesting spots are holes in the ground, gaps around pipes or wires leading to a home, soffit gaps, small gaps around window/door frames, and holes in mortar or siding. Nests are large paper nests built inside of any void space. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT not to seal off openings or try treating them yourself; it will make things worse and possibly back them up into the home. For people who are uncomfortable dealing with bee pest control, those people can call in a local pest control service like CJB Pest to take care of the matter. As they will have the proper experience and tools to get rid of the pest, in the best way possible. Remember, if you are allergic to stings, best to stay away from their nests and treat any active areas as soon as possible. 

yellow Jacket On Nest
Yellow Jacket On Nest

Bald Faced Hornets – are bigger than regular wasps & yellow jackets, they measure from 7/8th of inch-1.5 inches big. These hornets are black and have cream to white colored stripes/marks on their abdomen and head. They build large “paper ball” nests on houses or in trees. Ranging from a softball size to two basketballs! 

Paper Wasps – are tall with a slender body, droopy legs, and come in a brown, red, and yellow color with black markings on them. The European paper wasp is the most commonly seen wasp seen in SE Michigan (yellow and black). Their nests look like little honeycombs; they like to nest on soffits, under deck railings, corners of the window, door, garage frames, and in void areas such as utility boxes, mailboxes, light fixtures, and false soffits


Managing Wasp and Hornet Nests

If you have identified yellow jackets, hornets, or paper wasps, correctly then maintain a distance and check for a nest nearby. Nests are located in a place that no-one can easily get to and does not have any heavy traffic in the area.  Do not agitate or throw things at nests, as this will only make them more aggressive and look to defend their nest.

Preventive Wasp Program

When looking for a professional wasp prevention program, make sure you chose the right kind of service, a company like CJB Pest. It is crucial to the process- we use the best materials, thorough in every aspect of service, provide a detailed inspection report for sealing off openings, and provide the best Guarantee. 

Our “Preventive Wasp” application eliminates ANY current nesting on your home and provides season-long protection against future nesting of Paper Wasps, Hornets, Mud Dauber Wasps, and Carpenter Bees (optional). GUARANTEED!  These are all stinging insects that will nest on your home and appurtenant structures. Our program also offers preventive treatment for decks, behind shutters, gazebo’s, play sets, basketball hoops, storage sheds, hot tub frames and any other places wasps will attempt nesting. Our inspection report will also list areas that need to be sealed to prevent Yellow Jacket and Honey Bee nesting areas. IF at any point you see new nesting on your home, call us back out for a no-charge touch up application.

alt="a large Paper Wasp Nest that CJB Pest Control removed
Paper Wasp Nest

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