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PAVEMENT ANTS "Little Brown Ants"

Pavement Ants (Little Brown Ants) usually nest underneath slabs of concrete, pavement, foundation, or even in the soil of your yard. They find small cracks within those structures to forage inside of your home or business looking for food and water.

Pavement ants are more active during the dry or cold seasons, but less active during the spring due to rainfall and erosions.  They are most common in homes that are either partially or entirely on a slab. They will also make their way in from attached garages. Their nests have thousands of ants and swarmers can be seen at any point during the year. 

Treatment and Control Service

Our interior/exterior treatment combined with baits will eliminate the colony within 30 days, and give you a 6-Month Guarantee to ensure they are gone.  Recommendations and exterior control will help them from returning.


Carpenter Ants are destructive insects; they create tunnels in wood sources (studs in the wall, window/door frames, trim boards, sill plates) as they expand their nest. Weakening the structure of your home. The key to complete elimination is to kill the queen inside the nest. Queens can survive up to 15 years and do not leave the nest. Her sole purpose is to pump out eggs that will hatch into more worker ants or a new colony that will swarm out (winged ants) approximately every 2-3 years. Each year doing more and more damage.

They prefer to nest in water damaged or moist wood but will nest in dry wood also as long as they find a small gap or crack to get started. Carpenter Ants come in a few different sizes, (minor workers, workers, soldiers) and can be seen with and without wings. Activity is mainly seen inside of the home between April and July and in the water areas (kitchen, bathrooms) Activity will then start to shift to the exterior more as the temps change and more food (other insects) are available. But the nest remains in the same spot.

Eliminating and Control Techniques

  • Using our search and destroy method for optimal colony elimination, by eliminating the queen this puts an end to the Carpenter Ant colony as a whole. *GUARANTEE – 1 year
  • By using Exterior Prevention; our exterior treatment and inspection report will help prevent them from entering your home. 


The stink bug received its nickname from its inclination to produce an odor when disrupted or when squashed.

A new bug to SE Michigan, the stinkbugs are an agricultural pest that seeks harborage inside of homes and buildings in the fall, winters over, then emerges in the spring to attempt to get back outside. Unfortunately, a lot come inside on accident, becoming a big nuisance for homes and businesses. Only a licensed stink bug control operator like CJB Pest Control should be called to eliminate and prevent these problems, as over the counter measures have little to no effect on them.

Elimination and Prevention Service

Our seasonal programs can make sure your home is free of theses nuisance pests GUARANTEED! We prevent and eliminate them from entering your home in the fall, and if you have problems in the spring & summer, we can treat the inside of the home and the attic where they love to harbor. This treatment significantly reduces the population around your home, hence lessening the risk of future infestation.



Box elder Beetles, Stinkbugs, and Asian Lady Beetles are SEASONAL INVADERS which invade homes in early fall (October & November) so they can survive the winter. They swarm houses and look for entry points. There is nothing you can do to prevent them from LANDING ON THE HOUSE, but exterior treatments will kill them as they attempt to enter the structure. 

Elimination and Prevention Service

Our seasonal programs can make sure your home is free of theses nuisance pests GUARANTEED!  We prevent and eliminate them from entering your home in the fall, and if you have problems in the spring we can treat the inside of the home and attic to eliminate what is there and kill any as they leave the home. Lowering the population around your home.   

Brown Banded Cockroach Found In Michigan


German Roaches and Oriental Roaches are the most common roaches in SE Michigan.  They can live anywhere that moisture and a food source is available.  Roaches could live in the structure of the home (inside walls, cabinets) inside fridge motors and stoves, inside electronics, behind baseboards and moldings. Most anywhere they can hide

They multiply exponentially, hence pose a significant threat to any homeowner.  Roaches can invade any area, but are mainly found in the kitchen, toilet or bathroom.

Elimination and Control Service:

  • Prep sheet giving to customer to ensure the most effective treatment.
  • Best residual treatment and bait applications to wipe out  the population Quickly


Our “General Crawling Insect” program covers  you against Pavement ants, Centipedes, Millipedes, Earwigs, Pill Bugs/Sow Bugs, ground beetles, and Spiders. These pests are creepy-crawlies which usually nest outside homes but move in to receive warmth, shelter, moisture and to feed. These annoying insects can become a serious nuisance and cause embarrassment because they can even crawl into the kitchen, bedrooms or living areas.

These type of Insects not only live in crawl spaces or basements, etc. They prefer other hidden, dark, or damp spaces within the home.  They nest in both warm and moisture rich conditions inside of the home. But on the exterior these types of insects breed mainly in mulch beds or heavy vegetation around the home. Our detailed inspection reports will let you know what needs to be sealed up to help prevent them from entering

Elimination and Control Service:

  • Interior/Exterior  “General Crawling insect” treatment-  6 month Guarantee.  
  • Exterior “Perimeter & Perimeter Plus” programs to prevent entry and reduce their population  outside by treating areas where they breed and nest.


Bed bugs (Cimex lectularius) are small, flat, oval shaped insects that are approximately 5-7 mm long. They are white, almost clear in color after they hatch and before they feed. Then they become a shiny reddish brown to dark brown color after feeding. Bed Bugs are often carried into the home via person or objects such as previously owned furniture, clothing or in luggage from a recent  

Adult Bed Bugs typically live 6-7 months but can live up to 1.5 years if in the right conditions. Females can lay up to 7 eggs per day and development from egg to adult normally takes 35-50 days (5 stages-each requiring a blood meal) depending on temperature and conditions. Get rid of them fast with the CJB Bed Bug Free program.

Control and Treatment Service

  • Bed Bug Free” national certified treatment technique. THE BEST GUARANTEE
  • Box spring & Mattress encasements, bed frame traps, thorough inspections and info to prevent future problems. Information sheets on what to expect after treatment.


Ticks aren’t just ugly. They’re downright dangerous. Each year in S.E. Michigan we see ticks increasing in numbers creating additional diseases, many take months to diagnose and treat. Ticks do not jump, fly, or drop. They simply reach out with their legs and grab or crawl onto a host. Larvae are very small (about 1/32 of an inch with six legs), while nymphs are about 1/16-1/8 inch with eight legs and adults about 3/16-1/4 inch with eight legs.

Control and Treatment Service

“We provide the absolute BEST treatment technique for ticks, using a thorough system that works! 1-time treatments and seasonal programs are available.


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Megan L. Canton, MI – 5/5 Stars; “Technician arrived on time, identified my black ants as carpenter ants, quoted a price, and performed the carpenter ant removal work. He seemed to know what he was doing, and the ants have been gone now for more than the warranty period.”

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Margie L Plymouth, MI – 5/5 Stars; “Prompt response from CJB. Appointment was scheduled for couple days out. The carpenter ant control service was well performed with plenty carpenter ant bait placed in pet safe area’s and the follow-up phone call was very informative. Would definitely use again..”

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Andrew W. Farmington Hills, MI – 5/5 Stars; “Steve came to our home three times to address black ants in house and was very punctual, friendly, and considerate. We are very happy with the black ant control and would use CJB Pest again.”


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Pest Control & Exterminator Services - Michigan COVID 19 essential services

Dear Customers,

Pest Control And exterminator services are classified as “ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES” by the Governor. Our service technicians and entire staff are aware of the seriousness of COVID-19. Fortunately, the nature of our work requires our technicians to wear filtered masks, face shields, and gloves when inside of a home. Therefore, for indoor pests like mice, bed bugs, roaches, carpenter ants, and fleas our service techs have been instructed to do the following for the safety, sanitation, and essential operation of your home:

  • Maintain a safe distance between you and them
  • Wear face shield + filtered face mask , and latex gloves 
  • Wave invoice signatures. Invoices will be emailed to you 
  • Vehicles and uniforms sanitized at the end of each day.
  • Technicians are monitored each morning for COVID 19 symptoms

“Rodent and wildlife problems such as Birds, Rats, Raccoons, and Squirrels will have limited interior activity by our technicians (if any – crawl space, attic) as trapping and baiting can be done from the exterior” 


Nick Burgess


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