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Baits only placed in places mice can get to them. Tamper proof stations used at necessary spots
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No secondary poisoning, no bad odors, no finding dead mice
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Use a disinfectant when cleaning up mice droppings. (do not use a vacuum) Dry mice droppings can carry air-borne bacteria if not cleaned up properly


Mice are little fuzzy terrors that can become a big problem in a minimal amount of time. They reproduce at a very high rate so that a small problem can become a massive problem in a short amount of time. Mice typically will nest in attics, crawl spaces, garages, and basement rafters. Often detected by hearing light scratching noises from 10 pm to 6 am. OR when you are finding droppings inside the home. Mice will typically enter the house for nesting in the summer and fall. They can squeeze through a ¼ inch opening, so identifying all the access points that need sealing on our detailed inspection report is necessary to prevent future problems.

Elimination & Prevention

Our mice treatment will eliminate the population within ten days and provide you with a 6-month guarantee! 

  • Baits only placed in places mice can get to them. (tamper-proof stations used at necessary spots) The application is pet-safe.
  • Detailed inspection report to home and environmental recommendations to prevent them from future entry.
  • Pest-proofing your home estimates (seal the openings)
  • No secondary poisoning, no bad odors, no finding dead mice
  • $25 off Coupon for Mice Elimination


Rats are not typically a homeowner’s problem, but a neighborhood problem that has found its way to your home. Rats are efficient scavengers and can nest in and around crawl spaces, garages, foundations, woodpiles, sheltered areas, or just near a consistent food source. For effective rat control it is important to eliminate as many environmental food sources (garbage, bird seed, dog feces, etc.) Exterior control and treatment for crawl spaces is the most popular strategy to eliminate rats quickly. Interior control is also available. Rats will enter the home through pipe chases and holes they chew through floor and walls.

Elimination & Prevention

  • Detailed inspection to seal openings and reduce breeding/harborage areas
  • Exterior and interior bait station set up, snap traps, dusting of burrows for quick elimination
  • Weekly monitoring until population is gone.  Removal of any dead rodents


Chipmunks are very cute and pretty mammal, but they wreck an immeasurable havoc to their host communities.   They cause mass damage to property and documents, just like rats and mice.  Chipmunks love to nest in all available openings outside the landscaped areas causing disturbance and also destroying plants in the garden or your ornamentals.  

Chipmunks can also weaken sidewalks, pathways, and driveways.  They can cause cracks and massive damage to property.  They are just like any other rodent; they can cause havoc to property.

Control and Elimination Methods

  • Eliminate outside feeding sources
  • Weekly monitoring of bait stations until population is gone


Mole Evidence Can Be Found in 2 Ways:

1) Dead grass trails with soft spots when stepped on. These are tunnels slightly below the surface that the moles are running to feed on worms, grubs, and miscellaneous insects. 

2) Large piles of dirt emerging from the ground. Moles usually create tunnels (especially over the winter or early spring/summer) that are 6-10 inches below the surface. Since they cannot push up the topsoil from that deep they create a main tunnel to kick all the dirt up through. 

Moles can do a lot of damages to your garden, lawns, and landscaping if not properly dealt with. 

We do offer Season-Long Maintenance programs once the current population has been eliminated. 

Elimination and Control Methods

Step One: We will come out to the property for an estimate to determine the size of the problem and if anything in a surrounding areas is a threat. 

Step Two: Use a bait that mimics their natural food source to kill the moles to quickly.

Step Three: 7-10 day follow up application to eliminate the remaining population. Give 3 more days. If anymore activity is seen let our office know immediately. 30-Day Guarantee

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