Pest Proofing

pest proofing

Your home is your safe place against outdoor elements, especially when it comes to the smallest of intruders – bugs, rodents, and wildlife. At CJB Pest and Mosquito Control, we not only understand the importance of protecting your home, but the friends and family members inside of it. That is why we are proud to offer top-of-the-line solutions for sealing your home. Our professional team is here to help safeguard your property from the damage pests can cause with Michigan pest proofing solutions.

Pest Proofing Today. A Better Life Tomorrow.

Whether you are dealing with insects or rodents, nothing is worse than knowing your property has been infiltrated by unwanted pests. To ensure every home is protected against these invaders, our Michigan pest proofing services include:

  • Caulking around insect entry points, such as:
    • Air conditioning units
    • Gas lines
    • Under bay window frames
    • Around garage frames
    • Soffit overhangs and peaks
    • Window and door frames
    • And more
  • Screening of attic vents to prevent wildlife entry
  • Flashing to fill gaps and possible entry points
  • Environmental recommendations, such as the removal or treatment of:
    • Hanging tree branches
    • Wood piles
    • Clogged gutters
    • Standing water
    • Bird seed
    • Pet fecal matter
    • And more

Safeguard your property against unwanted pests with our methods for Michigan pest proofing. Contact the experts at CJB Pest and Mosquito Control to learn more.

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