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All potential openings will be found on the initial service & inspection.
Humane Removal and Relocation
Repair the openings they used or created to prevent future invasion


Raccoons are nocturnal pests that will attempt to enter your home for shelter and nesting. Their movement is loud, slow and deliberate. You can also hear scratching noises whenever they are creating a nesting spot at night in the insulation. They love around starting at dusk and return around 5-6 am. They will also nest in a crawl space, or at times, even in the chimney. Our wildlife removal includes a full detailed inspection report comes with the initial service to let you know of the main entry point and what else needs to be sealed off or corrected to prevent future problems. 

Raccoons have an unyielding set of teeth that can tear off openings, chew through soft shingles or wood, and squeeze through small openings.  Female Raccoons babies sound like kittens which can disturb your sound sleep at night. Females will have their litters in late March to Early May. We get rid of Raccoons and their offspring quickly. Then can seal off the openings for you. 

Trapping & Removal

  • All potential openings will be found on the initial service & inspection.
  • Humane Removal and Relocation
  • Repair the openings they used or created to prevent future invasion. We can also clean their droppings and sanitize the environment if necessary.

Detailed inspection for all potential openings
Removal of squirrels and repair work to prevent future problems.


Squirrels are very fast, smart and sensitive to the happenings around them.  They have unique fur texture and body structure with which they can squeeze through any small opening; either to cause damage or to escape from the cold weather.  They have strong teeth to chew through an opening in any wood on a home.

Squirrel activity will be heard early in the morning and throughout the day, sometimes even at night; it depends on their mission.  They have an unusual kind of chattering noise that can be heard when there are multiple squirrels in a location.

Trapping & Removal

  • Detailed inspection for all potential openings
  • Removal of squirrels and repair work to prevent future problems.
Trapping & Removal of Adults and Babies
Recommendations to make your property less attractive for Ground Hog activity


Groundhogs are herbivorous animals; they love to eat greens, vegetables, ornamental’s, and shred herbs to pieces. They are vegetarians and specialize in digging holes in a nice and well-maintained environment. They usually dig burrows along foundations, under decks, under sheds, behind woodpiles, or in a heavily vegetative area. 

Groundhogs can cause enormous damage to your plants if not effectively controlled.   We have the expertise and the required experience to keep your vegetables and ornamental garden safe from the Groundhogs which will like to feed on them.

Trapping & Environmental Recommendations

  • Trapping & Removal of Adults and babies
  • Recommendations to make your property less attractive for Groundhog activity

Filling in of any burrows to prevent future animals
Trapping in sheltered cages to prevent skunk spraying


Skunks/Opossums are nocturnal pests; they operate mainly at night.  These nocturnal vermin look to burrow under decks, sheds, bay window frames, and wooded areas. We can remove these stinky animals and tell you what you can do around your home to help prevent a re-occurrence.

Trapping & Recommendations

  • Trapping in sheltered cages to prevent skunk spraying
  • Filling in of any burrows to prevent future animals

Removal of Bat droppings (if necessary) because of the potential health risks.


Bats are a nocturnal creatures, so they rarely fly or move in the day, except when forced out of their nest. Light scratching & fluttering noises can be heard in the attic or in walls between dusk and 6 am when a bat infestation is present. Bats are a serious nuisance and their droppings are destructive and pose a great risk to human health because they can cause some deadly diseases. Even though they do eat mosquitoes and other flying insects, they are not a pest you want to have in or around your home.

CJB can remove the bats and seal off the openings to prevent a re-infestation in a timely manor. We also provide dropping removal, sanitizing and deodorizing (when necessary) if you would like it done. Bats can enter the home through vents, soffit gaps, drip edges, holes in the wood structure, ridge vents, gaps at the chimney, false soffits, and any other gap bigger than 2 inches for them to squeeze through. Our 5-YEAR GUARANTEE ensures that the bats get out and STAY OUT! 

Our Bat Removal services include:

  • Detailed inspection of the home for the main entry points, openings that need to be sealed, removal devices needed, and if dropping removal and sanitizing is necessary. We can then quote you a price for the job.  
  • Installation of Removal devices and exclusionary measures made. Return visit to remove “bat flap” and seal off entry point. 
  • Removal of Bat droppings (if necessary) and sanitizing to eliminate potential health risks.


Sparrows/Starlings, just like every other bird, are beautiful creatures but could be destructive as well. They look for any available opening to build their nests. They usually want to be near some form of grains and fruits. There are many issues associated with their invasions. They can nest between floors or above a ceiling, attics, vents of the attic, bathroom vents, etc. Sparrows/Starlings start a family quickly because they usually associate as a couple. Click here to view a mini migration filmed in Traverse City, Michigan

The bird mites from them spread very fast and could pose health risks.  The side effects always come from extreme nesting and bird invasions.  Their droppings can stain home painting and designs. 

Birds Control Service

  • We have the expertise to remove the birds humanely.
  • We can seal off all openings and prevent them from returning to your home


Woodpeckers, as the name implies, drill holes in woods and trees.  Their activities kill trees and hamper the atmospheric condition around your home.  It is extremely annoying that a bird would be creating holes in healthy and fruitful trees, and slowly sniff life out of them.  Click here for additional photos of Michigan Woodpeckers

Even the noise and droppings from woodpeckers are another great issue which poses a threat to healthy living. 

Control and Cleaning System

  • We have a unique control system to deter woodpeckers from causing trouble to your trees.
  • We have an appropriate technique to stop woodpeckers from staging a comeback to your home.
  • We have the expertise and experience to clear their droppings and block their holes. 


Pigeons often referred to as a domesticated bird.  They prefer to nest in any opening in the home.  They had made huge contributions which are paramount to humanity, especially in the medieval age when wars were the order of the day.

They were means of communication by tying writings on their legs to a receiver.

Despite the usefulness of the Pigeons, they have their negative sides, which are their noise which could disturb your sleep and their droppings which can cause an outbreak of disease when not properly cleaned.

Cleaning Technique

  • We build a befitting cage for them to enhance their nesting.
  • We have an expert in cleaning Pigeons’ Droppings and make your home safe.

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