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Our bat removal service starts off with a detailed inspection of the home to find the main entry point(s), plus any other openings that need to be sealed to prevent future entry. We will also diagnose if you need toxic bat dropping removal from your attic. 

CJB Pest will check your attic to determine the size of the problem and will be able to take the following steps:

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Identifying All Entry Points

Once we have determined that you indeed have bats living in an attic, we will start checking for all the entrance points that bats use to enter your attic space. The most common points bats enter the home through are vents, soffit gaps, drip edges, holes in the wood structure, ridge vents, gaps at the chimney, false soffits, and any other gap bigger than 2 inches for them to squeeze through. 

Initiating Bat Removal - Bat Flaps

Once the entrance points have been discovered, CJB Pest control will seal off all the other potential entry points and set up what is called a “Bat Flap”. The Bat Flap is a one-way door that allows them to get out of the home, and not get back in.  Because you seal the other possible entrances they can use, they will be forced to relocate to a new area. We will then return in the Fall to remove the Bat Flap and seal off the final opening.

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The time frame required for complete bat removal from the house depends on the size of the infestation, but rest assured, CJB will get them out and prevent them from coming back! 

Our 5-YEAR GUARANTEE ensures your home will stay bat free against anything getting back into your home through the openings we seal off. Mention our 10% off Bat Removal Coupon at the initial call to get a GREAT deal! 

How To Tell If You Are Housing A Bat Colony

Light or even heavy scratching noises starting at dusk, and going throughout the night until 5-6 a.m. Bats are nocturnal, which means they are most active at night and sleep during the day. Scratching or fluttering in walls or the attic space is one example of a possible bat infestation. Another way is to check around your home at dusk, early night, or around 6 am. Bats leave the for hunting on a regular basis at night throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall. You can go and check around the home near the soffits and roofline for activity. If you have bats living in attic space, you should see some activity.

You can also look for droppings on the ground below attic vents, porch overhangs, or by the chimney. They will be black, slightly bigger than a size of a rice grain, and you will be able to find a pile of them. Bats hang in the same areas and are roosting, so all the bat droppings will be accumulated under their roosting spot. Just make sure to correctly identify the droppings, as mice leave behind similar looking droppings, just know that mouse droppings will be scattered all over the place.

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A Sure Fire Way To Tell You Have Bats, Bat Droppings

Bats In The Attic

The majority of the bats in the Michigan area roost away from any human contact. But in the past few years as many of the trees were chopped down in newly developed areas to create more space for houses, the bats that roosted in hollow trees, moved closer to residential homes. As they did not have any other option, they started roosting in homes. House bats roost in hot attics during the summer season, because space acts as an incubator for the new borns.

Most homeowners view bats as a nuisance, and for a good reason. You want to get bats out before the guano (bat feces) builds up too much and can cause health issues. Some homeowners opt for inhumane options, which is why we wish to educate those people on the professional bat removal service CJB Pest provides. It is an effective way to get rid of the bat situation you are dealing with without harming the environment. So call a professional bat removal service like CJB Pest to help you get rid of attic bats in no time, all backed by our five-year Guarantee. 

There are many species of bats found in the Michigan area, but the two most commonly seen species in the area are the big brown bat and the small brown bat. These two species have made a home in many attics, big brown bats in eaves of house and small brown bats in house walls in the area.

brown bats in a attic

About Big Brown Bats

These big browns are easy to spot due to their size, and they vary in color from dark brown to reddish. These big brown bats have a large nose and can spread their wingspan from 12 ½ inches to 13 ½ inches. You can identify them when they are flying around, as they have a slow and steady flight. This species feeds on flies, mosquitoes, wasps, and beetles. And you might be able to see them swooping low after dark hunting.

Places Big Brown Bats Nest

The big brown bats are a colonizing species, and they are known to produce during the summer season. In the summer term they can be found under the bridges or in buildings, and during the winter season, they hibernate in hollow trees, houses, vacant buildings, and caves. This species is known to be an efficient feeder, and they roost and rest after gorging. The best places to find them are places where it is breezy, such as large overhangs of porches and garages.

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Big Brown Bats Resting In A Tree

About The Little Brown Bats

Commonly seen in Michigan attics, the little brown bat is light brown to dark brown color. They are small in size as the name suggests, and have the wingspan of 8 ½ inches to 11 ½ inches. These little brown bats have small ears, but their feet are large.

In the summer season, they are known to make attic’s their home. But during the winter period, as they are hibernating, they over-winter in houses, hollow trees, gaps on buildings, and caves.

Bats in the attic are mostly nursery colonies that have roosted away from male bats. These little brown bats feed on mosquitoes, small flying insects, and you can even see these bats dipping in the water to hunt aquatic insects

Professional Bat Removal Services

If you have examined your attic, and have determined that you have bats in your attic, or bat droppings in attic, then calling in a bat control specialist like CJB Pest will be the best idea for you. Bat control products, bat control devices and electronic bat control products are largely ineffective tools.  With our bat control methods we will be able to come in and remove bat pest from your attic space without hurting the bats in the process. This will be a humane safety measure that is essential for families with children and pets.

small brown bat
Bats Should Only Be Touched By Professionals As They Are Likely To Carry Rabies

Our clients say

Bat Control, Bloomfield Hills, MI - 5/5 Stars. “First time success with the bat removal service. I tried doing it myself and made it worse! After I called the CJB folks they showed up on time, took care of the problem, and calmed down my wife! Who found a few inside before the treatment. Great to know the nest is guaranteed, just in case the bats come back.”
Bruce P.
Bloomfield Hills, Mi.
Pest Control for Bats, Southfield, MI – 5/5 Stars; "Overall very good service. Thought job was smooth and the bat exterminator cost was good."
Shelly J.
Southfield, Mi.
Michigan Bat Control, West Bloomfield, MI - 5/5 Stars. “Great job! I would definitely recommend them to anyone with a bat problem. I had a rental property that had been notorious for bat problems. After trying myself to get rid of bats (not a good idea!) I had CJB come out and used their bat removal services. The bat removal from attic worked well. They screened off the vents and patched 3 areas to keep them out.”
Greg T.
West Bloomfield, Mi.
Pest Control Bats, Troy, MI - 5/5 Stars. “One night sitting on our back deck we saw approximately 20 bats fly out of our soffit! Needless to say it was a shock, and looked up reviews for a bat exterminator. We hired CJB, and within 2 weeks we had everything out of our attic and soffit. Great bat extermination guys!”
Tony M.
Troy, Mi.

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