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Pest Control & Pest Exterminator Services Farmington Hills, MI

At CJB Pest and Mosquito Control, we provide over NINETY + YEARS of Pest Control knowledge and experience into the best overall service for your home or business. We are the ELITE service provider for SE, Michigan. CJB is familiar with ALL the pests, ranging from biology to activity patterns, and the best approach to eliminate them. Whether you need a one-time service or a seasonal program, CJB will provide you with the best option for your property.

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Pest Control Professionals

We are a family run accredited  BBB business with over NINETY + YEARS of knowledge. We go above and beyond a typical “Bug Guy,” we provide “Pest Management Professionals” to quickly and effectively rid your home or business from pests. All backed by our industry’s best guarantee

Verified Ratings | “Best in Class” 2011 – 2020 | Licensed & Insured | Michigan’s Top Rated Local® Pest Control Company | 1000 + Reviews

State Certified Pest Control Technicians

Our knowledgeable staff and State-Certified Technicians will not only provide you with the best options to eliminate your problem but also focus on how to prevent future pest problems in your home or business. Detailed inspection reports and environmental recommendations are provided with most services, and repair work is available to Pest Proof you home.

CJB Pest & Mosquito Control BBB Business Review

Best in Class Attributes

Is a Pest Control Maintenance Contract right for you?

If you are looking for year-round or seasonal pest control protection against pests and rodents, a maintenance plan is just what you are looking for! We offer two types of maintenance that can be tailored to your specific needs. Call us to discuss if it makes sense based on your past pest and rodent history. See below for the programs we offer.


Our Quarterly Maintenance Program (4) FOUR SERVICES A YEAR for homeowners gives you YEAR ROUND PROTECTION against S.E. Michigan’s most common crawling pests including but not limited to ants, spiders, pill bugs, earwigs, box elder beetles, and other creepie-crawlies. It also covers you for rodents (interior only). All services include recommendations to prevent future infestations via our detailed inspection reports.


A complete interior/exterior treatment in the Spring for insects, followed by an “exterior only” treatment in the summer (to guard against future possible entry into the home) Finally, an exterior treatment in October to prevent the seasonal invaders. This also includes rodent control for the basement, garage or applicable crawl spaces to prevent any rodent infestation

Additional menu options include (for both programs)

“Add-On” Protection against wasps & hornets. Exclusion recommendations for “bees”.
“Add-On” Exterior protection against mice, rats or chipmunks
Pest proofing service for your home is available. Ask us about getting you a quote!

Michigan's Most Active Seasonal Pests October - December

Pavement Ants

With the cooler months upon us, pavement ant activity tends to INCREASE inside of the home. Since they cannot forage outside during the winter for food and water, they will look inside for it. Homes that are either partially or entirely on a slab, have an attached garage, or have driveways that run along the side of the home are at the most risk for these ants.


Our one-time treatment includes both an odorless-stainless material and baits specifically designed to help eliminate the colony. *Optional exterior treatments can be scheduled in the spring to extend the warranty and prevent future problems.

Boxelders & Stinkbugs

These seasonal invaders start to swarm homes starting in October looking to get inside of the structure (attics, wall voids, misc openings on the home) and winter-over. They will then begin to start showing up INSIDE of the home in the fall, over the winter with any temperature spike, and in the spring when the weather breaks and they attempt to get back outside (but end up inside the home)

Exterior treatment in the fall (October/November) will prevent entry and a problem in the spring. Once inside, our interior treatment will kill them as they emerge from the structure.

Our detailed inspection report lets you know what to seal to help prevent entry.

Use our $30 OFF coupon for either treatment


Starting in October, FLEAS are looking to survive the winter so they will jump on pets and humans, looking for a ride inside of a nice, warm home where they can continue to live and reproduce. Fleas require a blood meal to develop through their life-cycle and survive. A lot of the time, once you notice a Flea problem inside of the home, too many eggs have been laid to try and conquer the problem yourself.  (Flea bombs do not solve any problems)

Call our office for a thorough Flea elimination treatment with a 6-month guarantee. We also provide recommendations on how to prevent future problems.

Mice & Rats

Mice are most active inside of the home over the winter. They can become a big problem in a very small amount of time as they reproduce at a very high rate. Mice typically will nest in attics, crawl spaces, garages, and basement rafters. They can be detected by hearing light scratching noises from 10 pm to 6 am. and will forage for food and water throughout the home. Our elimination treatment will wipe them out within 14 days and comes with a 6-month Guarantee.


Rats like to burrow around the foundation of homes, detached sheds/garages, and get into crawl spaces when its begins to cool. Call us to set up our elimination program that includes weekly visits to eliminate any current problem quickly and effectively.

Bed Bugs

Cooler weather induces Bed Bugs to become more active inside of the home. They are less apt to hide in walls due to the cooler weather. Our Bed Bug elimination program is a nationally-certified treatment program – “Bed Bug Free”


This program is a 2-step process that includes a detailed prep sheet prior to service, box spring & mattress encasements, traps for the bed frame, and a detailed residual application with only the BEST products for eliminating Bed Bugs and their eggs.

Steam/Heat treatments for couches, chairs, and other furniture is available if needed.

Industry-Best GUARANTEE! Call today and use our $50-$150 OFF Bed Bug elimination coupon

Wildlife Trapping

Raccoons and Squirrels look to enter homes for the winter for shelter and to stay warm. Our humane live-trapping program provides a detailed inspection report and environmental recommendations letting you know where they got in and what needs to be done to prevent future problems.

We can provide a quote for repairs and pest-proofing on areas that can be sealed off. If we cannot do the repairs work, we will let you know to contact a contractor.

Mention our $25 OFF 30-days of Trapping.

Why Choose Us

We want you to feel satisfied that you’ve chosen a company that strives to be the best. 

Yelp 5.0
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Angie’s List – A Rating

Family & Pet Friendly

We take exterminating  rodents and bugs very seriously and always have the homeowner/family best interest & safety in mind.



Appointment Booking, Customer Support and the industries Best Guarantees 



With 90+ years of family experience we have the knowledge to tackle any situation 

Our Customers Say

“The woman who took my call from the company was very professional and had somebody out to my condo less than 24 hours later. I was very happy with the response time.” Alisha D

“This is the second time I’ve used CJB Pest Control. The first time, four years ago, was for an ant problem. The service this time around was just as successful as the first time: since they treated the house (inside and outside), I’ve not seen a single stink bug. They again were prompt and professional.” Michael R. Grosse Pointe Woods

“Excellent service, I have used this company twice, and very satisfied with service.” Kim B. Livonia

have done an excellent professional job although the problem has required ongoing maintenance due to factors beyond their control.” Wade R.

“I truly recommend CJB Pest organization they are very professionals and very polite. Steve took the time and went over everything step-by-step letting me know what he and his crew were doing, and the prices are amazing, and it’s worth every penny.” Simona H. Westland, Mi.

“The CJB technician made time to come right away – he was very nice, did a thorough job and made sure I knew how to contact him if I saw any more ants. I have not! I will use CJB Pest Control again and highly recommend them! Marlene W. Garden City

“I must commend everyone from the beginning. The phone call from the office to discuss my needs and the urgency put on the job. The tech arrived the next day. Eric was running late and called to let me know. He got to work with spraying the next which had grown from a baseball size to a basketball size in just one week. Additionally, he was able to assist me with a carpenter ant problem and assess the situation. We set up someone to come three days later to spray everywhere. I was very happy with his work ethic, explanations, and professionalism. I would definitely hire this company again and I highly recommend them.” Joanne B. Ann Arbor

Oakland County Reviews

“Very efficient, resolved our mouse problem and were polite and time.” Frank K. Birmingham, MI

“I worked with Nick and Steve to take care of a skunk infestation that I had in my yard. They were professional and sent their team to my house in a very timely manner. The whole process required very little of me and resulted in exactly what was outlined from the start. I didn’t feel pressured to upgrade to better services and all the costs were fully explained.” Sam R. Clarkston, MI.

“Both experiences exceeded my expectations – the price was right, the service men professional and yet friendly and they performed the services efficiently and thoroughly. I was especially glad to know that the two technicians I dealt with were State Certified. Jennifer R.

“Hired CJB Pest and Mosquito Control to eradicate mice from my home. Within 48 hours, service technician, Josh, performed a professional and thorough evaluation of how the mice were entering my dwelling. He also used multiple different types of bait to kill the mice. The cost for this service was significantly less than what other contractors had quoted. Do not hesitate to use this fine company.” Suzanne S. Ferndale, MI

“Perfect service. Very courteous and professional associates. They’ll come back at no cost if the problem reappears. I hired them now for my regular pest maintenance throughout the year.” Caleb L.

“I am allergic to bee and wasp stings, so when I saw wasps flying into a bush by the back sliding door, and they were aggressive towards me it was time to call an expert. CJB Pest was running a special on their website, I purchased, and they were in touch in a matter of minutes. We set a time for their services, and it didn’t matter we weren’t going to be around. They showed, exterminated, and when we returned no wasps. I couldn’t recommend them more. The next time we need services they offer, they will be the only ones we call.” Joanna L.

“James was punctual and very professional, he answered any questions I had regarding ants with confidence. I was slightly concerned how they would treat the situation since I have a bird in the house, but the way they treat is investigating and treating directly at the source with baits instead of bombing your house with toxic gas. I would have them perform service for any friend or family member in need!” Bruce P. Pleasant Ridge, MI

“All of the staff that I spoke to on the phone were professional, helpful and responded quickly to providing me a quote, scheduling of the work and submission of insurance to comply with my commercial building requirements. The team was well organized and efficient. The inspector was thorough, personable and professional. I would definitely contact CJB for any future needs that I might have and recommend them to others. Richard A. Pontiac, MI.

“The owner is terrific. We’ve had the same guys every time for our services (mosquitoes, ants, wasp nest and rodents). I can’t say enough good things about CJB because they have worked with me tremendously. I will continue to use them. I wouldn’t use anybody else. Richard J. Rochester Hills

“The service professionals were excellent about explaining the procedure and answering all my questions. They were all friendly, polite, and prompt and were efficient in their work.” Matt A.

“Each year our backyard seems to be inundated with Carpenter Bees and Yellow Jackets throughout the summer so when I saw the special for pest control in my area I jumped on it. The company is very professional and prompt.” Deb Q

“Timely response to my initial inquiry. Professional, friendly and thorough professional pest control staff who came into our home on two occasions to manage the two-step process to address the carpenter ant problem. We have not seen any evidence of ants since.” Gail W.

“It was very effective! They were able to remove the ants the first time. They then will come back and spray to prevent future infestations. They come to my home every spring, summer, and fall and sometimes come in-between if there is a need. They are efficient, prompt and courteous.” Justin P

Mosquito Control Reviews Michigan

Mosquito Exterminators Near Me 5/5 Stars;  “I emailed CJB Pest on July 8th; they emailed me back within the hour. I called them for questions and a mosquito exterminator service call, and they came out the next morning. I will be using them for a seasonal mosquito preventive spray.” George P. West Bloomfield

Mosquito Control Review,  Michigan – 5/5 Stars; “I have tried Mosquito Joe and Mosquito Squad for mosquito control. I will be recommending CJB Pest from now on. The treatments last much longer and if it rains right after a treatment they come back out if requested. You guys are Five Stars! Jon L. Plymouth

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