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CJB Pest & Mosquito Control Has The Most Effective Flea Treatment Available In Or Around S.E. Michigan

What You Should Know About Fleas

Fleas have six legs which makes them incredibly mobile. They have minute hairs that cover the body that aid their movement through the fur. Therefore, fleas often host on our furry pets. Fleas are a parasite, they survive off the blood of mammals, and if the host is insufficient, they will feed on humans.

How Fleas Can Infest The Entire Home

Another problem with fleas is the distribution of eggs because they don’t cling to the host like other insect eggs. One good scratch or shake from your cat or dog can spread eggs throughout your home. The eggs will hatch wherever they land, on your bedding, carpet, and furniture.

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How to Recognize a Flea Infestation

Excessive scratching or grooming, by your pet, could indicate a potential flea problem. Red irritated skin and loose hairs are also flea problem indicators. Flies are about 2-1/2 mm in size, have a reddest-brown shiny appearance so you might be able to spot them readily.

Flea droppings, or flea dirt, appear black and coarse and often look piled in clumps. Pet bedding, pets or around your home are spots most likely to find it.

What to do if I notice a Fleas in my house

Contact a professional about flea pest control. A local pest control company like CJB Pest can quickly eliminate the fleas within your home and inform you on how to prevent future problems best

We will give you a prep sheet letting you know what needs to be done before service to ensure the highest-quality treatment. An information sheet letting you know what to expect after treatment and what to do / not do will also be left with the homeowner.

If the infestation source is your cat or dog, you must get a flea treatment done to them either before, or the on the day of service. Then continue to have them on a long-term prevention medication (advantage for example) Thoroughly wash all pet bedding and vacuum your rugs and carpets.

If you suspect fleas have entered your home. Contact us today! CJB has the most effective flea treatment available. CLICK HERE TO VIEW OUR FLEA TREATMENT SPECIAL

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