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Stink bugs likely to 'get a lot worse
Boxelder bugs and more pesky bugs ready to invade your home this fall

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Stink Bugs, Boxelder Bugs Two Fall Invading Pests

Fall is an excellent time of year in Michigan, the fall colors, cider mills, college football, and watching our beloved Detroit Lions. But what residents of S.E. Michigan don’t look forward to is the invasion of stink bugs and boxelder bugs.


Stink Bugs

Brown marmorated ” marbled or streaked appearance” stink bugs are an invasive species that resemble brown armored shields with legs and antennas. Stink bugs can pose a tremendous problem for Michigan homeowners when they seek shelter indoors from the cold.

Entomologists at the Michigan State University Extension Center are expecting another invasion of the stink bug this autumn. CJB Pest & Mosquito Control is recommending that homeowners take steps now to pest-proof their homes against this stinky pest.

Signs of an infestation and Treatments to eliminate them

Stink bugs are detected in early fall by their massive invasion of homes and businesses. Stink bugs prefer the sunny sides of homes where they can warm themselves, but they will look to enter your home through ANY small gap on the house, attic and soffit vents.

Our thorough exterior preventive treatment will eliminate them as they attempt to get into the home and attic. Our inspection report will let you know what needs to be sealed on the house to prevent future infestation and entry.

If a stink bug infestation has developed inside your home or office, contact us for a full elimination treatment that includes interior treatment to the house and attic, as well as the exterior. Stink bugs will infest the walls and attic to over-winter, then emerge in the spring. Homeowners will then start finding them inside of the home, becoming a significant nuisance.

Both of our seasonal programs can make sure your home is free of these nuisance pests GUARANTEED! This treatment cannot prevent them from landing on the house itself (no treatment can), but it will eliminate them as they crawl around and look for entry. Hence significantly reducing the population around your home, and lessening the risk of future infestation.

stink bugs on house

What is a Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs acquire their name from the fact that they are often found on and around the Box elder tree. They will also infest Ash tree’s. This insect is native to the western states but can be found throughout the midwest and the eastern United States, or wherever box elder and ash trees are. Boxelder bugs are known as a nuisance pest as they enter structures in the Fall looking to over-winter for shelter, then emerging in the spring.  The will get into any small gap on the home….They will get into walls, attics, and garages to hibernate

Elimination and Prevention Service

Our seasonal programs can make sure your home is free of boxelder bugs GUARANTEED! We prevent and eliminate them from entering your home in the fall, and if you have problems in the spring we can treat the inside of the home and attic to eliminate what is there and kill any as they leave the home. Hence lowering the population around your home and reducing the risk of re-infestation. 


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