Wasp Control: What You Need to Know


No one likes wasps. They’re invasive, aggressive, and have a nasty sting. Unfortunately, they are regular summer visitors–which means that your home could be at risk this season. The good news is that you can protect your home from wasps by doing a few simple things. CJB Pest Control has laid out all the information and wasp control tips you need to know to keep your home wasp-free!

Don’t let a wasp problem ruin your summer–make sure to contact the professionals at CJB Pest Control in Farmington Hills, MI, for all of your pest control needs!

Everything You Need to Know About Wasps

Paper wasps are the most common stinging insect in Michigan, so wasp removal is one of our most requested services. Wasps experience two peak seasons and are most active in the months of May and August. Common places you may find them nesting are under and behind gutters, roof peaks, deck railings, behind utility boxes, window/door frames, and small voided areas.

Preventative Measures

Inspect Your Home

When the warm weather first comes, it’s helpful to do an inspection of your home. Check for any possible points of entry for wasps or other insects. If you do find any openings or cracks, make sure to seal them off.

Remove Food Sources

Food is one of the biggest wasp attractors, so removing their access to it is one of the best steps you can take. As a general rule of thumb, don’t leave food out in the open for too long. If you have food outside, make sure to keep it covered. Empty your garbage cans and pet food bowls regularly so they aren’t just sitting out for wasps to feast on.

Install a Screen to Keep them Out

If you have an outdoor porch, patio, or gazebo, it may be beneficial to install a screen. This will help keep wasps away from where the people are and allow you to enjoy the warm weather without the worry.

Dealing with Wasps

Wear Protective Clothing Around Nests

Wasps are very dangerous to be around, so it’s essential that you protect yourself if you find yourself dealing with them. If you must be around their nest, make sure to wear protective clothing. This includes long sleeves and pants to cover your skin, as well as gloves to keep your hands safe.

Use Insecticide or Traps

When you find yourself dealing with a wasp infestation, there are a few steps you can try before calling for help. Try purchasing an insecticide or repellent intended for wasps. There are many choices on the market that are affordable and tailored to your specific needs. Just be aware that most insecticides are harmful to humans as well, so make sure to spray it safely while wearing a surgical mask and gloves. Alternatively, you can purchase a trap to capture them. This may be a safer option as the traps are typically non-toxic and don’t actually harm the wasps.

What To Do if You Are Stung

If you are stung by a wasp, don’t panic–most stings are treatable at home with these tips from WebMD. Try to remove the stinger from the bite, then wash the affected area with gentle soap and water. Once it is clean, you can apply a hydrocortisone cream to reduce redness, pain, and itching. You can also take ibuprofen or acetaminophen for pain relief.

If you have never been stung before, be sure to watch out for signs of an allergic reaction including a rash or hives, swelling of the face, lips, or throat, trouble breathing, dizziness or lightheadedness, or nausea & vomiting. If you know that you are allergic or have had reactions to stings before, take an antihistamine as soon as possible and be sure to seek medical help immediately.

Employ A Professional

Wasp infestations are no joke, so it’s essential that you get the help of a professional pest control company if your problem isn’t going away. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, so if you aren’t sure what to do, just call!

Our Preventative Wasp Service

At CJB Pest Control, we have a preventive wasp service which is designed to keep your home safe for the summer. It eliminates all current wasp activity, knocks the nests down, and treats all the other areas they will attempt to nest on. This will significantly reduce the overall activity around your home as well. The hotter it is, the more active the wasps will be. By August, the nests are fully developed and the wasps will become more aggressive due to a change in their diet. We provide a season-long guarantee and inspection report to let you know what needs to be sealed.

Go with the Experts

Looking for wasp control tips? Having been in the industry for over 90 years, we’ve dealt with wasps for nearly 100 summers! If you are in the Farmington Hills, MI area and looking for an experienced pest control company to help you with your wasp problem, contact our team at CJB Pest Control today!

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